Just What You Need To Know


Get It Fixed

We can repair just about any frame, designer eyewear is our specialty Repairs Are Normally Between $29 and $49 + Shipping An exact quote can be determined after determining the parts required for repair. No payment is required until the job has been completed.  If you are located in the South Florida area we can arrange a pick-up location for the frames, and we will drop off once the repair is complete. Frames must be sent to our repair center at 8059 S.W. 18TH Court Davie Florida 33324. Also before sending any glasses to repair center must send pictures of frames at email below. For these services please contact us at RepairCenter@visiondope.com


Out With The Old

   Have a pair of frames that you just don't wear anymore or are broken and you just want to get rid of them, we are more than happy to buy them from you. Our appraisal team will conclude how much they are worth, and from there you can make your decision. If you are interested in selling; pictures of the frame must be sent to appraisalCenter@visiondope.com with a brief description of the the glass


Our Promise To You

   Many of our frames are pre-owned, thats why we are able to give the best prices for designer eyewear. Although some frames are used we only display frames that are in ok, good, or great condition. Never will you get a seriouly damaged pair of frames from us. Our repair team does not let any frame leave their center without being in a customer excepting condition.